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Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU)

The Save My Future (SAMFU) Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in 1987 by a renowned Catholic priest and two conservationists. SAMFU was founded out of the cherished love for the natural heritage of Liberia and is fully registered, incorporated and accredited under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.

SAMFU’s mission is to facilitate and promote participatory community-based sustainable natural and human resource management and development in Liberia. This is pursued through an educational and empowering process in which the people in partnership with each other and those able to assist them identify their priorities, mobilize resources and assume the responsibility to manage and control the resources they depend on. The organization’s activities are directed towards the protection for the environment, facilitation of nature conservation and embrace the promotion of social justice, equality and respect for human rights.

SAMFU envisages a new Liberia in which natural resources are managed sustainably to ensure a healthy environment and decentralized development under the rule of law in the next ten years.

SAMFU uses Participatory Rapid Appraisal techniques to help especially rural people to identify their problems/needs and other techniques to conducts research. The information gathering is focused on the environment, social justice, human rights and sustainable development. The information is disseminated for the purpose of creating awareness and influencing policy change.

SAMFU works in adherence to the laws of the Republic of Liberia, especially those governing NGOs operations. All of the organization’s supports come from private
foundations and individuals. SAMFU do not accept donations, both cash and kind, from individuals and multinational cooperations whose activities negatively impact the environment, political parties nor anyone with a proven criminal record or affiliations, especially those engaged in money laundering, drug trafficking and dealing, illicit arms trading, instigating violence or armed conflicts. SAMFU does not receive funding from any source expressly for propaganda purposes, against the interest of the state and the people of Liberia.

SAMFU forms partnership with organization (s) who support our core values: respect for the environment social justice and equality.

The year 2004 which begun March 2004- March -2005, witnessed great success evidenced by an increased local and international recognition of our work.

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