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A New Approach to Protect the Sapo National Park
SAMFU has begun implementing new strategies in working with local communities for the wholesome protection of the Sapo National Park (SNP) in Liberia. The project funded by the Netherlands Committee for International Union for the Conservation of Nature (NC-IUCN) has established Environmental Action Committees (EACs) for the first time which directly involves locals in monitoring, documenting and reporting illegal environmental activities in the SNP and grass root decision making activities about the park’s management. The idea has been overwhelmingly embraced by local and as a result, more pressure is being mounted on SAMFU to include other villages. It is expected that other donors will support this initiative to include these communities.

Liberia Forest and Human Rights Campaign
The goal of the Liberian Forest and Human Rights Campaign is to protect the rainforest and promote respect for the individual and collective rights of rural people. We work close with them to campaign against the current wave of unsustainable and illegal logging operations, human rights abuses directly linked to logging operations, and a fair share of the revenue generated from the timber trade.

Liberia Forest Monitoring Initiative
The goal of the Liberian Forest Monitoring Initiative is to monitor the timber industry in Liberia and gather independent information and make them available to opinion leaders, national policy makers, rural people, international organizations, etc. to support sustainable forest management in Liberia.

Building Rural Capacity for Localized Actions
The goal of BRCLA is to build capacity in rural communities for locally driven collective actions to acquire and manage the natural resources they depend.

The Radio Project
The radio and newspapers are the two most widely used media for information dissemination in Liberia. The goal of the Radio Project is to create awareness and promote public debate about the crosscutting issues of natural resource management, the environment, social justice and human rights in Liberia – both rural and urban areas.

The Liberia Sea Turtle Project
The Liberia Sea Turtle Project is the pioneer sea turtle conservation initiative in Liberia. The goal of the project is to promote the long-term survival of sea turtles, including the sustained recovery of depleted stocks, taking into consideration the integrated well being of residents of coastal communities with which they interact.

Donors for 2004

Building Rural Capacity for Localized Actions
Funded by: Norwegian Human Rights Funds

Empowering Communities Around the Sapo National Park to Participation in the park’s management
Funded by: Netherlands Committee-
International Union for the Conservation of Nature (NC-IUCN)

Reuniting and Re-integration of Southeastern Forest Communities
Funded by: Interchurch organization for Development Co-operation (ICCO)

Environmental and Human Right Abuses Inquiry into Firestone Rubber Plantation
Funded by: Stiftung Umverteilen

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