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By , June 23, 2009 1:24 pm

Sustainable Development Institute

Mission: The Sustainable Development Institute is working to transform decision-making about natural resources in Liberia by promoting and enhancing the participation of civil society, especially local people, in those processes.

Aims and Objectives: The SDI aims to promote sustainable, transparent, accountable and equitable management of natural resources in Liberia.

We strive to achieve our goal by:

  • Monitoring, investigating, documenting and reporting on various issues associated with natural resource extraction and trade primarily to civil society and local people;
  • Empowering civil society actors with the gathered information to shape their advocacy on issues of sustainability of resource extraction, transparency and accountability in management as well as participatory governance of natural resources and equity in the distribution of benefits derived from those resources;
  • Facilitating stakeholder dialogue, about natural resources, aimed at providing space and improving opportunities for civil society and local people to advance issues and concerns associated with those resources;
  • Facilitating the establishment of informed constituencies at the local, national and international levels that would take action on environmental, social justice and human rights issues associated with natural resource management in Liberia; and
  • Support the local organizations planning and actions aimed at promoting sustainable development of resources in their communities while working collectively to promote and defend their individual and collective rights, especially those associated with natural resources.

Sustainable Development Institute

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