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Main Types of Activities:

Our three key projects and activities include:

1. Forest Monitoring:
Monitoring, documenting and reporting on illegal activities in the forest sector; supported by the NC-IUCN/ TRP.

2. African Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (AFLEG) follow up:
Empowering Local Communities to Engage Other Stakeholders in the Forest sector. This project is exploring options and opportunities for initiating and promoting stakeholder dialogue on forest related issues in Liberia; Supported by IUCN Int’l/ Forest Conservation Programme.

3. Empowerment for Community-based Actions (ACE Initiative):
Empowering local people to engage in community-based advocacy on wide range of common interest issues, participate in natural resource related decision-making processes and management; supported by Norwegian Human Rights Funds.

Strategy and Approach:
The SDI works with other non-governmental and civil society organizations as well as communities directly located in areas where natural resources are extracted to build strong alliances to lobby for policy and system reforms in the various natural resource sectors.

By building these strategic and informed constituents within civil society and the public sector about the various issues associated with natural resources, the SDI believes that transparent and accountable governance of the natural resource sectors and equity in the sharing of benefits from resource exploitation will be achieved.

SDI builds on these strategies and incorporates other useful strategies along its program implementation as often as required to ensure that its objectives are achieved.

Active Partnerships: The SDI key international partners are NC-IUCN Tropical Rainforest Programme and the IUCN Forest Conservation Programme. We are also involved in ongoing discussions with other international NGOs working on forest related issues in Africa to form working partnerships as well.

The SDI is a member of the NGOs Coalition for Liberia (national) and the Public What You Pay network (international)

Main Areas of Expertise: the SDI main areas of expertise are investigation, documentation and reporting on natural resource related issues; facilitating community mobilization and working for change or transformation using participatory tools such as DELTA (Development Education for Leadership Teams in Action), PRA and REFLECT.

Priority Environmental Issues: They key environmental issues in Liberia include forest loss and forest degradation as a result of weak forest law enforcement and governance as well as environmental degradation as a result of activities in the extractive industries.

Key Players: NGO Coalition for Liberia (membership of 13 national NGOs); Alliance for Conservation in Liberia; Forestry Development Authority; Liberia Forest Initiative (multi-donor and NGOs consortium participating in forest sector reform in Liberia) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Main Challenges: the main challenges facing the SDI and the NGO coalition for Liberia are maintaining the present space for dialogue amongst the various stakeholder groups in Liberia and our involvement in forest related decision making, forest law enforcement and governance.

Areas of Impact
: the SDI key areas of impact include investigating, documenting and reporting on forest related issues and activities and facilitating stakeholder dialogue

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